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Pastel Goth/Kawaii Goth

Pastel goth is all about mixing the pretty with the pretty tough. Soft shades + dark makeup = perfection. Your makeup should be dark. But there’s no reason the case can’t be covered in unicorns. But you can pair black liner and lipstick with a bunch of pastel shadows. And

Goodgoth.com Review

As you all know I purchased some items from Goodgoth.com. I actually made 2 orders. I have received my first order and still waiting on my second. My First order consisted of: The only negative comments I have for Goodgoth.com is their return policy and shipping time frame. 7-day easy

My Gothik Origins

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with Vampires. I blame my mother for this fascination as she got me hooked to an old Soap Opera called Dark Shadows starring Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins. I, being 2 years old was exposed to Vampires, Batman and Horror movies

Goth Fashion has Evolved with the Times

Unfortunately for the people who hate to shop online, I have bad news for you. If you want really good Goth Fashion most of the stores you will find are strictly online or too far away for you to go for a drive across the country, or to another country

What is the Goth Subculture?

To put it simply, like every subculture, what one likes changes from individual to individual. Although all Goths are different, they have similarities such as the fascination with things that a “normal” person would consider dark such as death, decay, vampires, the color black, etc.

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