My birth name is Jessica Bowman but you may call me: Jessika Darkstar. I am pursuing a career as a Producer for Animation and Visual Effects. One of the reasons I decided to pursue this career is because I has always wanted to be animator ever since I discovered Anime and Star Wars. Even though my original dream was to become an animator, my dream has evolved through time and experience. I discovered that I thrive as leader and enjoy influencing other Artists to strive to be the best in the industry and deliver quality films, shows, and animations.

Branding Statements

“You give her a chaotic mess and she will reorganize, strategize and deliver the production you never thought possible.

Studio X – She Delivered the undeliverable Project: World of Steam.

“If you dream it, she will come and guide your path to greatness.”

Peer Mentor – Need help plotting world domination? Animation? VFX Production? She got your back.

“ She will become the Next George Lucas and Walt Disney.”

Her Middle School History teacher, Mrs. Gomes crowned her the Next George Lucas and her Academy of Art University History of Animation Class crowned her the a Next Walt Disney and she plans to be the next Gothic Hybrid.

Let’s build something together.

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