ROCK N’GRILL, Lake in The Hills, IL

Well I went on a “Daddy, Daughter Outing” which I like to call a “Date” with my Dad. I decided we had to go to a place we have never been before. So I text him several options. ROCK N GRILL won the bid, mainly because my dad is a simple man, and who could possibly get a “Burger” wrong? I mean there is a huge chance they could be terrible, but I’m glad we came and they earned themselves REPEAT customers.

So the first thing that drew me to them was the name “ROCK N GRILL” and when I googled, I didn’t know what to expect when I went there. If you have a HUGE party, I suggest asking if they do catering because this place is small, but they have GOOD eats.

The first thing that grabbed my eyes was the wall of Guitars. I absolutely love it. Its a unique way of looking at music check it out:


The Next thing that drew me in was the amazing wall of Band Albums and the Drum Lights are so cool check it out:


Like I said it’s a small place, but its such a cool place. So it definitely needs to be on your to go places. The Rock Music in the background just fills in the atmosphere. But now we must talk about the MENU.


Well if you can’t read that, No worries I will direct you to the Website:

Anyway now for the most important aspect of this review the FOOD my dad and I devoured! My dad is famous for not eating everything on his plate. So when he killed his Cheese Burger and ate it to the last bite, you know he enjoyed it. I had the “Encore Burger” and it had Veterans Q BBQ Sauce, Onion Ring, etc on it and it was DIVINE. I went with the TOTS and dad went with the fries both are yummy, don’t believe me? GO TRY IT! I DOUBLE DAWG DARE YOU!



On The Down Low, Famous Musicians have dined here, but the owner likes them to feel at home and doesn’t bring any attention to them while they are there. So If you are a famous musician and you are reading this, well feel free to check it out. You won’t regret it!

See Ya Next Time,

Jessika Darkstar


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