Join me Tomorrow on Dark Star Radio at 6pm CST for Aimless Banter w/ Gregbo & Blondie!

Tomorrow, 8/20/19 on Jessika Darkstar’s Aimless Banter I will have Gregbo & Blondie from Lost in the Funhouse Podcast with me on the show! I’m super excited to have them aboard my crazy train! Please feel free to scope out their podcast and if you have questions you can post them to chat room on Dark Star Radio or you can email or message me direct. I will be sure to ask the questions I deem worthy. If I get an onslought of questions I will have to narrow them down of course!

Tune in Live on
4pm to 6pm PST/6pm to 8pm CST/7pm to 9pm EST

Aimless Banter is a talk show where anything can be discussed! This is 2 hours of unadulterated talk content! No commercials. Just straight talk and Fun Times!

Thanks for Listening,

Jessika Darkstar, The Rogue DJ

P.S. If you want to be a guest on the show feel free to Book your show using the Facebook page or Instagram page! If that is too much technology for you to handle feel free to email or message me direct and I will work something out with you!


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