Fan-Film Makers Beware!

So I just got finished watching the most epic Fan-Made Movie ever. Of Course it’s a film about Vader. But get this….Disney said “That no matter how rendition Imperial March its still within our rights to monetize on your film because you used a rendition of our music”.

Here’s the film: Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past by Star Wars Theory

So Fan-Made Movie makers, if you do decide to make a Fan-Made Star Wars film do not use any of the music from Star Wars to make it. Even if you make your own rendition they will destroy you in court over it.

How sad is that? And Guess what, it’s Disney and they own pretty much everything including Marvel too. So Fan-Made Movie makers be warned. You have to tread carefully. Because even if you make a movie and don’t monetize on it, Disney and whoever else created the original content will try to monetize on your video.

I am very glad to hear that Lucas Film has stepped up to Star Wars Theory’s aide and has made Disney and Warner Chapel stand down. But this is how our world works. If Lucas Film hadn’t have stepped up to his aide Disney would be monetizing on his Fan-Made Video. Even though he went through all the right channels to get permission to make a non-monetizing fan-made video.

Either way, one must tread very carefully when creating Fan-Made films because the rights holders of the original content will come after you and try to monetize on your content. I think it’s complete and utter crap. Unless they first pay you what it cost out of pocket to make the fan-film. That shouldn’t be within their rights to claim. Especially if you, the Fan Film Maker are not monetizing on the film to begin with.

Thank you Lucas Film for rescuing Star Wars Theory! I hope you won’t have to rescue any future fan-film makers!

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