Hey fans,

Dark Star Radio needs you to follow us all over Social Media! I know you love us! 10,000 visitors a day. So besides listening to us and enjoying our music. PLEASE LIKE AND FOLLOW US! Share our Social Media with your friends. Invited them to our profile and page!

We need you Dark Star Radio fans, you are our only hope!

So here’s the low down….we need sponsors. In order to get them, we need you to spread us all over social media. Use our Hashtags#darkstarradio #ilistentodarkstarradio #darkstarradiofan #darkstarradiolistner #darkstarradiorocks #darkstarradiorules #ilovedarkstarradio #iheartdarkstarradio #darkstarradioisawesome or whatever other tags you want to make just include darkstarradio in the hashtag! Also tag us when you do! So we can see your love and share it too!

Follow us on INSTAGRAMTWITTER! AND FACEBOOK! <<<Click Links to like and follow us!

Also do not forget to favorite us on Tune In! <<<Click link to go to TUNE IN PROFILE!

Also if you would like to support Dark Star Radio directly you can become a member of Jessika Darkstar’s Patreon! A dollar a month makes you a Patron! Or you can donate directly through our Dark Star Radio’s! Every dollar helps us! So If you can spare a dollar we would greatly appreciate it!

We at Dark Star Radio would like to thank our listeners for tuning into us! Please make us spread like wildfire so we can keep our station alive and improve your experience.

Thanks from all of us at Dark Star Radio.


Jessika Darkstar, The Rogue Dj – C.E.O. and Founder of Dark Star Radio.

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