Do, Can’t Teach!

I changed my Instagram Account to Do, Can’t Teach I’m in the process of making a Youtube Channel dedicated to my art also called Do, Can’t Teach!  and I made a Facebook page called Do, Can’t Teach that will be sharing content from both Instagram and YouTube. I will also be live streaming on Facebook as I do work on the computer if people want to watch a slow version of me at work, or people want to ask questions as I am doing work, they can.

This project is just my way of responding to people who have asked me to teach them how to do things. I am not a very good teacher, but I can show you how I do things and you may learn from it. But when I do show you how I do my art, please don’t expect it to be a tutorial. If you prefer to ask questions, I suggest liking and following the Facebook page and asking questions on the feed.

Here’s what to expect: Lots of Drawing, Lots of me playing around in Photoshop, and some of me playing in 3D Max, Maya and other Adobe Software.


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