Skindustrial Bodyworks @ SKINFAIR 2018


Here’s a Sneaky Peak at the Skins by Skindustrial. That will be sold in 2018 Skinfair! Super excited to be able to show you these amazing skins. Skin Fair 2018 officially Opens Friday 3/9/2018! Get ready to be memorized by skin!

Here’s the Teleports To Skin Fair

Octavia (224,182,23)

La Grange (127,201,24)



“Bar tender….Can I have a drink?”

Pictures taken at Club Darkstar’s Main Venue:

Cosmic DarkStarFire (202,23,3964)


“Its hottter than hell in Mustafar…”

Pictures taken at Club Darkstar’s Mustafar Venue:

Cosmic DarkStarFire (189,56,666)


“Omg….how did I get out here…..glad I’m a demon….and don’t need oxygen”

Pictures taken in orbit around Club Darkstar’s Main venue!


“Where did I land……whoa…this house is spooky…”

Dark Star RP Sim.


“Over the hill and through the woods….”

Dark Star RP Sim.


“Did I get lost….I don’t remember this bridge……”

Dark Star RP Sim.

I had fun trying these Skins!!! My favorite for Xianique Le Faerye is ICE! It suits her character well.  But I did enjoy walking around my sim Cosmic DarkStarFire taking billions of pictures. Most did not make the cut for this blog. But you can find all of them on my FLICKR

Are you Excited for Skinfair 2018? I really hope their will be Fantasy Skins!


*Exceptional Quality for Extraordinary Avatars*

High-quality skins, shapes and clothing. Our commitment to excellence shows in everything that we do. We sell a variety of high-quality skins, shapes and clothing, as well as Fantasy and Roleplay full Avatars, for all your Second Life needs! Join the Skindustrial Revolution today!

Find Skindustrial on Marketplace!

Come Explore SL Store

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