Dark Star Radio Needs Sponsors to support over 750 listeners.

Hey everyone,

I am the owner and founder of Dark Star Radio. I wanted to thank our fans who listen but also put it out there that we need donations, support of the community, and people who would like to buy air time. As of right now 750 listeners is eating all the allotted bandwidth and we need to go to an unlimited server.

Sponsors and Donations will pay for our licensing, up keep of the server and allow us to support more listeners world wide.

Please help spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, countrymen… Dark Star Radio needs your help! You are our only hope!!

Please donate!


If you want airtime email jessikadarkstar@gmail.com for rates!

Thank you everyone!!! We appreciate you so much for listening!

3 Replies to “Dark Star Radio Needs Sponsors to support over 750 listeners.”

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    Help a goth out!

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    You are our only Hope! Sponsor Dark Star Radio!


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