The Source on Secret Harmony: How To Hyperlink Text On Your SH Pages/Profile/Group/Ads Etc

Why does one want to use a Hyperlink? Firsgt it’s much cleaner than showing people the actual link to something especially if they are very long. Who wants to waste space with such a long address on their page/profile/group/ad etc… it’s simply too ugly for me to stand it. I have to hyperlink everything I possibly can to make it more appealing to the eyes. IDK about you, but I don’t want to clutter my Posts with all kinds of Links on my pages/profile/group/ads. It’s simply going to make people not read anything you have to say. Believe me, I know. I use to be the person who skipped reading because the ugly links listed on Blogs, etc…

In the description Box of your profile/page/blog/ad/etc… on SH

1. Write the text you desire to be Hyperlinked.

2. Highlight the Text.

3. Push the Hyperlink Button 

4. Paste the URL where you want your highlighted text to take you to.

5. Pick a Target Destination *I suggest new Window* so they don’t leave your page/profile/blog/profile etc..

Once You have finished Your Text should appear as Below Example:

Like My FB Page: Talaghan Seuta.

[Side Note to WordPress Users: Hyperlinking here is pretty much the same]

Did You know you can Hyperlink on your Profile in SL? Let me show you how:

[ Desired Text]

Simple as that. Remember you must use “[ ]” these, the link goes first space than your desired text and volia

Here’s my Profile for Example:

What I see:


What You See:

Be Sure to check out my Blog on Secret Harmony: The Source.

That way all my posts about Secret Harmony & Second Life will remain in order…archived just where you can easily access them.

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