The Source on Secret Harmony: A Walkthrough on How to add Photos to your SH Pages/Profile/Group/ads etc

I know you know how to put photos in the Upload slots, I Have shown you countless times on how to do that. But did you know you could insert photos into your Blog/Profile/Ad/etc…? I know if you Look at My Profile you will see that I have added Photos in my “Description”.  You can also see I added a bunch of Hyperlinks as well. So Now you have proof it can be done. Let’s Show you guys how to do it.

Be sure to be in the description box of your SH page/profile/blog/ad/ect…

1. Click the Photo Icon on the toolbar 

2. Click the Folder next to the Source bar

3. Once You have done that You will appear inside the Moxxie Manager, Once there you can Upload photos from your computer and they will appear in the Window under your name. If you want to insert the photo you just uploaded You will click Insert once it has uploaded 100 percent. If you want to insert a photo you already have up inside your folder you can either search for it with the Filter or you can look through all the photos you have uploaded.

4. When You’re finished your picture should appear inside your description box wherever you placed it.

Thanks for Reading!!!!

Be Sure to check out my Blog on Secret Harmony: The Source.

That way all my posts about Secret Harmony & Second Life will remain in order…archived just where you can easily access them.

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