The Source on Secret Harmony: A Walkthrough on how to Join Secret Harmony in SL

The Owner of Secret Harmony, Kwave made this amazing video explaining how to Join Secret Harmony. I imagine if you are viewing my blog on Secret Harmony you may feel this is a redundant post. But no worries, people who are not members of Secret Harmony will watch this video and become even more informed.

As you know I can’t just leave it to the video to explain it all in case people would rather read.

So lets go through the motions:

Step One: Go to Secret Harmony in SL.

At the top of the page on the right side click “Join or Login”

If you are wondering how I made this blog post, I used a different browser to make a new account.

Next Let’s fill out all the information the site asks for and btw you do not have to connect to your facebook account but it is an option.

After filling out all the information, and make sure you confirm your password. You must confirm you are real by filling out the captcha which will be different for you but this is mine:

From what I can tell, I filled it out correctly. So the next step is clicking the “JOIN NOW” button

Note: Do not have spaces in user name, it doesn’t like that.

Next step is to check your email, which upon first look…I could not find the confirmation Email:

But do not fret, if you can’t find it upon first look in your inbox….check the “SPAM FOLDER”

Oh look I found the Confirmation Email in my Spam folder, the next step is to open the email….than click “NOT SPAM” so it ends up in your inbox and you are given the ability to click links.

See right next to the “Delete Forever” button is “Not Spam” but it may be different from you if you are not using Gmail.

After you have returned to your Inbox, click into the confirmation email again and click the link to confirm your email!

Once you have done that, You have created and confirmed your Profile on Secret Harmony;

Congratulations!!! Welcome to Secret Harmony!!!!

Be Sure to check out my Blog on Secret Harmony: The Source.

That way all my posts about Secret Harmony & Second Life will remain in order…archived just where you can easily access them.

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