The Source on Secret Harmony: Creating a Group ~ a Walkthrough

First Let’s Get to the Groups Page: There is actually 2 ways of doing so. The First is the side menu on the top of every page. Click the 3 horizonal bars to open the menu, than click on Groups to get to the “Groups Home Page”

After you Reached the groups Home Page you can Click the + sign on the top of the page to make a new group.

The other way to get there is from the menu bar off your profile page. There is a Groups option on the menu, click that and it will take you to “My Groups Page”:

Once You have clicked Groups on the menu bar it should take you to this page:

at this point…. you can either click + sign to create anew group or click “Click Here” to add a new group. Once you have done that it’s time to fill out the information for your group.

For the purpose of this Tutorial/Walkthrough. I’m going to make a group for my Blog Fans.

So We first have to name the group and add a description.

Please Note: that your group will be totally different than mine and you have to come up with a killer name, and description. I am just showing you how to create a group by making one myself.

Once You have figured out all that you want to write, its time to add: Tags, Categories, and a Group Photo to make it all pretty.

As You can see I put different tags that mean the same thing, but I expect it will help my group be seen. Also for categories I made 2. But how did I do that? Do you see the + sign next to the folder under Blogger inSL? I clicked that to add a new category!

The Final touch is to add the Photo you want  your group to have:

Here’s the Photo I added to my group and here’s How I did it….

You have the option to ad more photos with the + sign underneath choose file, but for now. I only wish to have one photo…

You also have options to add videos, files, sounds…but I don’t have anything I would like to share in those formats so I won’t.

The last steps to finish your group is choosing privacy settings and finally hitting the submit button!

For the purpose of this blog post I didn’t change any of the default settings. You can choose to change them if you like. That is your choice of course!

Finally after submitting you should appear on “My Groups” page and you should see your group in the listing of groups you made:

Be Sure to check out my Blog on Secret Harmony: The Source.

That way all my posts about Secret Harmony & Second Life will remain in order…archived just where you can easily access them.

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