The Source on Secret Harmony: Creating an Ad ~ Walkthrough

So, I just wanted to let you all know I discovered an easier way to do everything from the menu on your profile. Was Like O.O when I saw it.

There are two ways to access the menu the obvious bottom of your cover, and the other is a drop down from the word Profile at the top. It blew my mind when I found it honestly. I was looking at the side menu and it was easy as looking at my own profile.


See…. I love looking and modifying my profile all the time. It’s something I do improving my appearance on Social media. Anyway, I felt dumb when I found this today.


Do you see the ad options in both menus? You can click either one to get where you want to go “create advert page”

One on this page there is two ways to create a new ads The Plus on the top of the page

 or Click here to Add one. 

Once You have clicked into it you should be on the page to create a new ad which looks like:

Now that you have the Administration open for Posting an Ad it’s time to fill out….for this Tutorial I will make an ad for Club Darkstar in Second Life.

I’m not sure why the second drop down menu is “LOADing…” but it shouldn’t say that. It should give you Subcategories….. some reason I couldn’t get the sub catagories to load in my chrome browser so I moved to Microsoft edge….and boom! It worked

I decided since I was making an advertisement for club jobs, I was categorizing it under “Entertainment Venues” with SubCategory “Club.”

As You can see I set the captain for the Advertisement, the Lifetime (amount of days the advertisement will last, the max being 90s days). I also placed a bunch of tags that I thought would get my ad noticed by people who are looking for club jobs.

The Next Step is figuring out what to put in for the Post text. To be honest I just copied what is found on the top of my applications/questions/concerns? page and pasted it there and made it a bit more fancy with “words” being Hyper-linked.

The next step is to select a photo that represents your ad.

The Final touches are choosing the privacy settings and Hitting Add Post:

As you can see I chose PUBLIC on all accounts because I want everyone to see my advertisement. No restrictions.


Voila Look how pretty My Post is…..

Ad finally it should appear…on the Ads Home Page:


Now you have made an Ad Post on Secret Harmony.

Be Sure to check out my Blog on Secret Harmony: The Source.

That way all my posts about Secret Harmony & Second Life will remain in order…archived just where you can easily access them.

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