The Source on Secret Harmony: Creating a SHPage ~ Walkthrough

First step is make sure you are logged into Secret Harmony.

Next Step.……at the top bar where you see Secret Harmony in SL. On the Left hand side will be a drop down menu Press it.

Once Pressed Go to Pages in the menu list….

Once click on Pages. You should be on the Pages Home screen. At the top right corner of the pages home screen there is a + (PLUS) sign

Press the + to make a new Page.

Next Step is to figure out what you want your page to be about…for this lesson I will be making a page for Dark Star Radio.

After Filling out the info you must choose your tags, and categories.

I’m not sure what you plan on making your page(s) about, but as you can see I made my tags and categories relevant to what I am Making my page about.

The Final Touches before Submission:

Title – Value. Don’t ask me why it’s named as such just follow my lead in how I filled out the information

After you finished figuring out that make sure you put a photo, I used my Logo. But it truly depends on what you are making your page about. Is this a store? is this a Page all about you? Is this page about you and your friends adventures in SL? That much is up to you as long as you follow Secret Harmony’s TOS as children are allowed on this site, it must be kid friendly.

The final steps are choosing the privacy settings and submission. I”m not going to show you a picture of it. It’s pretty much the same for everything you post on Secret Harmony. Your Settings are up to you. I’m not here to choose for you.

Once You have hit submit! You should appear on “MY PAGES” window.

As you can see I already made two pages. The Amount of pages you make is ultimately limitless, but I suggest only make pages for things you can keep track of…don’t go overboard and over cumber yourself. Unless you have other people who are willing to help you maintain your pages.

Cool Features having your own “page”

  • Blog post as the page (add post)
  • Write Articles about the page (add article)
  • Write News about the Page (add News)
  • Create Events on the page specific to your page
  • add a site (a webpage where more info can be found or perhaps your marketplace)
  • Add Sounds, Videos, photos (show people what they are missing)
  • People can join/follow your page
  • You can invite your SHfriends to your page
  • Once you have fans on your page you can broadcast messages to them

Be Sure to check out my Blog on Secret Harmony: The Source.

That way all my posts about Secret Harmony & Second Life will remain in order…archived just where you can easily access them.

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