The Source on Secret Harmony ~ SHEvent Page Walkthrough

1st Step Login to Secret Harmony. If you are not logged in you cannot post your event.


After you have Logged in Head to the Events Home Page on Secret Harmony:

The Home page will have the List of Events recently added. This is also the page where you can add your own events! But How?

See this at the top right corner of the Event Home Page? Click the + (plus sign) to add your event.

Once You’ve clicked the + it will take you to a new page:


The First part you want to fill out is the Name of the Event. How I go about it is like how I would on the SL Event Page:

Where: Who: what: time: [Prizes/giveaways]


The Next Portion will allow you to write a whole lot more details. This is where you can get creative and Hashtag what you need to Hash tag. Unlike the SL event page this may let you add additional photos, pictures and videos to make it more appealing to people to come to your event. It may also let you use special characters.

Description Example:

As you can see a major difference between Secret Harmony Event Page and SL Event page is that you can Hyperlink to things you want people to see. For example I Linked them to check out My Like pages for: The Rogue Dj, Dark Star Radio and Club Darkstar in Second Life. I also Hyperlinked the SLURL twice to get them to come to Club Darkstar in Second Life.

Next thing You need to do is name the place, time and add hashtags…

Your place will most likely be different and so may be your time. But this is simply an example of HOW TO do it. You don’t have to follow all the steps to the letter, I’m simply walking you through the process. Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than the SL Event page, but it can also get people you never met before to come to your event, so why not try it?

The Date thing is a Bit different than the SL Page, when you bring up the start and end it will bring up a calendar….


Now see how it has today’s date highlighted? Don’t worry, if you’re event is another day just click the day of your event. Than after you clicked the date make sure you place the start time of your event. I put 1800 for example which means 6PM SLT! It’s pretty much the same set up for the end date. So follow the same rules and change the end time to a period after your start time or your event may error when you hit submit.


Next up after this would be to put everything in it’s place mark all your tags, and then set the catagories for your event. A Good aspect of SH Event page is you can put multiple categories versus the SL page where you can only choose one.

First off, all you need to separate tags is a comma.  and to add new categories all you need to do is press the BLUE + and select another category from the list.


Next thing you will want to do is ad an Event Photo, another cool attribute SH Event page has in comparison to SL Event page.  You can get as creative as you want with your pictures, videos, etc as long as you do not violate TOS. Secret Harmony is KID friendly. Got it? Good.

This file must come off your computer, but it will appear on top of your post. Once you have chosen all the files, videos, and pictures you want to add to your post. It’s time to select the privacy settings of your Event Post….

After You’ve filled out all this info, double checked your answers, and made sure your spelling is correct and your date/time is accurate it’s time to hit Submit!!!

Congratulations You Made your first Secret Harmon Event Page Post.

See why adding a Photo in the upload slot is important? It will appear at the top of the page. Way better than the SL event page if you ask me. So many more details can be added and most likely you can reach more people who would be interested in your event.


Be Sure to check out my Blog on Secret Harmony: The Source.

That way all my posts about Secret Harmony & Second Life will remain in order…archived just where you can easily access them.


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