The Source on Secret Harmony: SHRadio Network ~ Ooo Lala

Did you know Secret Harmony has different Radio Stations for all your musical needs? Top40, Indie Spectrum, Oldies but Goodies, Modern Rock, Totally 80s, 90s, Club Radio, Country, Slow, Hip Hop & RnB, Kpop and Jpop (Coming Soon)….check them out!!!

Secret Harmony Radio Directory

SHRADIO TOP 40 Hits is the most popular of all the station listings!! There are many DJs that play on the station and you should check it out especially if you like Top 40 Music.

But what is Top 40 Music? Have you ever Heard of the Billboard Charts? Well those Billboard Charts are what determine what songs end up in the TOP 40 Week to Week.

Check out These: UK Billboard Chart & US Billboard Chart.  See slight differences between the two nations?  Do you recognize any of the Artists? I definitely recognize Imagine Dragons, they did one of my favorite songs….Radio Active, however I prefer the Pentatonix version Featuring Lindsey Stirling.

Check the video Below to here the song that appeared on the US Chart

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