The Source on Secret Harmony: SecondLife ~ Walkthrough The Beginning

Here we are in a brand new world…what do we do? We do Tutorials!!! Let’s Go and start off a new adventure in Second Life.
When you Start off as a newb go through the tutorial, it doesn’t hurt to learn something now and again! Especially if you want to make something of yourself in Second LIfe rather quickly. If you join Second Life to get a job, remember most Job requirements in SL require you to be 30 days old. Why? Because most people who are younger than 30 days old tend to flake off and not show up for work when they say they will or they lose interest in SL completely and never come back.  So would you hire a newb? Doubtful, so be patient, learn the way of SL, go fishing and play some games to earn L’s and when you’re avatar is old enough to work, find it.

Check out My Youtube video where I LIVE streamed my “Experience” as a NEWB on Learning & Social Island. Hope you Enjoy!

Please be sure to Check out THE SOURCE on Secret Harmony for more Blog posts like this one.

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