How to Join Second Life from The Source on Secret Harmony

So you decided you wanted to Join the World of SL? Well you’ve come to right place if you want a walkthrough on how to join! No worries I will not tell you what to name your avatar, you have that freedom of choice.

For this post I am making a completely new avatar so I can walk you through the process of joining Second Life

First Step: go to

Second Step: JOIN NOW!

Third Step: Choose Your First Avatar


Fourth Step: Decide on a Screen Name

Fifth Step: Create Your Account

Sixth Step: Select a Membership

Seventh Step: Download a Viewer

At this step you can decide to Download SL’s Viewer or Find a Third Party Viewer you prefer.


Suggested Third Party Viewer: Firestorm.

Eight Step: Install the viewer.

Final Step: Put in your Screen Name and Password and Sign on to Second Life


Welcome to Second Life:


Please be sure to explore everywhere you can, there is something for everyone in Secondlife. Believe me.

Read up into my Next Post…for a walkthrough of Second Life Tutorial


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