Scary Monster Lore ~ Witches, Shamans & Blood Witches


More of the traditional style of witches, they use herbs, potions and rituals to create the outcomes they desire. They’re very studious, they learn as much as they can about the world as it is seen and the world they know is hidden from the rest. They’re adept at figuring out what tools and words are required for a potion or ritual.

  • Rituals – Witches gather the tools, components and words together in hopes of achieving a particular desired result. Some are easy or harder depending on the required components and the experience of the witch, the more witches that are gathered for one ritual, the easier it will be to complete it with the desired effect.
  • Potions – Potions are very similar to rituals, but they have a liquid, usable product at the end. While witches excel at them, they are much harder to do then charms or rituals, so not every witch will have the will power to create them successfully. Just like rituals though, the more witches working on it, the better the chance of success.


Shamans are the medicine man of the witches, the specialize in healing and dealing with spirits, using ancient lore and studies, they’ve mastered the art of meditation, control of their bodies and soul, breathing exercises and chants. Using herbs to help induce a trance for both them and any person they’re attempting to help.​

  • Energy Healing – Through deep mediation a shaman can cleanse or heal an injured person both on a physical and spiritual level, this requires absolute concentration. If concentration is broken with from within the shaman or from an outside source, the healing will fail and the shaman will experience a backlash.
  • Spiritual Aid – This is when a shaman calls upon the spirits to aid in defense of themselves or others, also, in rare ritual situations they can use the spirits to call and capture a supernatural within a circle, while this creature is in the circle they cannot lie or harm the spell casters, though this is dangerous because once freed from the circle they can attack.

Blood Witch

A Blood Witch is never a Good Witch, they either walk the Line between Good Evil or they are purely evil. They Perform Dark Magic, and this type of magic has never been connected with anything good. It’s believed that blood witches are the reason for the Witch Hunts of the past because of their darker natures.

These witches have gone too far in pushing the limits of what can and cannot be done, of attempting to push past the barriers of the abyss and steal more power from the other realms. They experimented with their own blood and in doing so learned to harm others with the blood path. This path is violent and these witches pay a high price for their abilities.

  • Curses – With a bit of blood from a victim, be they human or otherwise, they can be cursed, this isn’t permanent, but it can lead to death or insanity of the victim, if the witch is able to create one strong enough. (Must start with a blood ritual)
  • Blood Rituals – This is where the lines get a bit blurry, because this can be used for good, though most will choose not to. Blood rituals can heal or cleanse someone of a curse or more commonly is baseline to start a curse.

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