Zombies vs. Vampires Pub Crawl

On Oct 21st starting at  4pm

Across the nation Zombies are attacking. The Vampire council won’t stand for it. Vampires will fight back. The time has come to unleash the Vampires and bring forth the first pub crawl competition.

Zombies vs Vampires Pub Crawl will be the hottest event of the 2017 Halloween season. This event it going to top the charts with blood sucking drink specials in Chicago’s very own Wicker Park neighborhood.

This opportunity will give people the chance to see which dark side will claim the death trophy. Who represents Chicago best…The Zombies or the Vampires???

Find More details at Costume Crawls & Purchase Tickets at Event Brite for 25$.


  • Must be the LEGAL AGE of 21.
  • Keep in mind, with this many people, that service at each bar is faster when you use cash.
  • Win $500 cash prize for best costume.  Make sure to stop in Halloween Hallway to have you picture taken and submitted for the contest.
  • You can pick up last minute costume accesories or extra blood at Halloween Hallway (The registration pick-up location).
  • A make-up tips specialist will be at Halloween Hallway during the registration process.
  • Look your best as our professional photographer will try to snap pictures of everybody.


  • Survival Kit (registration package) pick-up time & date: ​
  • Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 (Day of Event)​
    • Opens at 2pm
    • Registration closes at 7 pm
  • Pick-up location:

Halloween Hallway

1425 N. Milwaukee Ave.

                         Chicago, IL 60622

  • In your survival kit you will receive 3 key items (amongst other included items) that you need to assist in your survival of the ZvV Crawl. A map, A bar schedule with drink specials, and a lanyard
  • $500 Cash prize for best costume RULES: To qualify for this contest you must stop in Halloween Hallway (before 4 pm) during the crawl to have your picture taken. You must take a picture by yourself. The winner will be announced at 10 pm.
  • For a chance to win even more cool prizes, every participant will receive tickets to drop in a prize bin at the after party. There will be a random drawing.
  • All winners MUST be present at the after party to win.

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