DSF Hangout in Secondlife has been re-branded. It’s new Name is CLUB DARKSTAR, not a huge change but just enough to not be a mouthful. I decided to make this change in hopes the name will bring in new people to our small community of friends that make up the club staff. With the new Name, I moved the Club to the corner of the SIM, not far from where it was, but it’s no longer the entire sim’s name. On the ground level of the Sim I working on making a place for RP. Currently the buildings and sim is up, just needs a bit more of decoration.

New Logo:

Club Darkstar

The appearance and integrity of the Club has not changed. We are still a Scifi Club and we play a variety of music that the DJs like to play we are open 4pm to 2am SLT (USA PST) and we have complete OPEN GENRE Sets 4-6pm and 12am to 2am where the DJ can play any type of music they want to include the restricted genres: Country, Bluegrass, Western and anything else that would make my ears bleed and cause me brain damage.

I kid, but I am definitely not a fan of that type of music.  Our Main Genres at Club Darkstar: ROCK, METAL, INDUSTRIAL, DARKWAVE, EBM, EDM… however we do no limit our DJs to just these genres. On non OPEN Genre sets we do limit the amount of country that is on the air, but besides that we are generally open to the DJs choice.

If you are in Secondlife and you are looking for a Club gig as a DJ, Host or Dancer we are currently Hiring. Feel free to Stop by the Club check it out and Talk to one of the managers to see which role you fit.

SL AGE Requirements (the age of the Avatar):

Dancers: 15 Days

Hosts & Djs: 30 Days

Application Links and Q&A Form

Management: 6 months + Experience (Inside Hiring Only, meaning you must have worked for us as a DJ/Host for at least 30 days to apply to be management)

Find us in Secondlife on the Cosmic Darkstarfire Sim (202/23/3964)

Like Us on Facebook: CLUB DARKSTAR

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