My Very First Wag! Walk: 2 Shelties! OMG CUTENESS LEVEL 90000000000000000000+

Promo Poster WAG!

As you all know Sera has been a WAG! Dog for a month now, and I have joined the walker team! I officially had my first walk and I wanted to show you the cuteeeeee babies I got to walk! I mean omg!!!! CUTE!!!!!


My first walk was around Noon Today (Sept 1st, 2017). We walked for 30 minutes alllll over the farmland the dogs lived in. We walked for 30 minutes and did 1 mile exactly. These dogs were walking me and I immensely enjoyed it. I forgot what it was like to have fun with cuteness!

Anyways not going to bore you with reciting all the times Little Sparky pissed, mannnnn did he pee….I was like dang!!!! And Fifi peed, but not as much. Neither dog took a poop. I felt bad, but at least they peed. Anyways! We had so much fun walking at a fast pace in the grass along some crops, and barns etc… it was amazing. and of course I tooooook thousands of photos and video! I mean look at how cute these two are!

I do have to say some of the photos didn’t come out, blurry and what not, but the few that did I keeping as my trophy for my first job done well and major cuteness! If being a Wag! Walker means I get to meet cute puppies like these two sign me up forever!

Anyways…..when your done with a walk and the owner comes home they get the aftermath of the dogs and they review your work! Well….I got……5 STARS! For my first walk and a lovely review from their owner Cathy…

Look Check it out:

wag review

I’m so glad, I was soooo nervous. It was my first walk….but once I saw these adorable little shelties….I knew…I just knew….I had to walk them. Even though Sparkie Gave me the run for my money playing hide in seek when I was trying to put his collar and leash on! Fifi had no issues.

How did I manage to get him hooked? Well I hooked Fifi’s leash to the door and had her wait there, then I chased him about the house until he noticed she was trapped and he came to investigate her at the door! It was an awesome idea and I was glad it worked to the point I started the walk on time!

Anyways! I really hope I get to walk these Shelties again…omg CUTENESS and a work out!!!! Love it. Absolutely love being a WAG! Walker.

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