WAG! The Uber App For Dog Walkers!

I should probably introduce you to my dog: Seraphim *Sera for short*

She’s my baby and I had her since she was born August 22, 2013. She is unused to people besides myself, and she’s slowly getting used to other people. She prefers other females over males.

a Year or so ago I had a regular dog walker, but when I moved I lost that walker because I became too far away. So after several months of seeing the Wag! app on facebook, I decided to try it.

To be honest I was skeptical at first, who wouldn’t be? I mean look at her, she’s MY BABY!

me & sera

The only thing I really care about, and the only one who helps me sleep at night. She literally keeps me calm, and my anxiety down. (backstory: I am a War Veteran, served in the US Army 2005-2013). Anyways….since I started to go to school 3 days a week, and my dad is no good with walking, I’ve been looking for a solution for Sera on days I’m not home.

WAG! Became my solution…and I love this app so much!!!  I started Sera off on Wag! for a free trial, then after the free trial walk, I said heck with it and went for the gold and scheduled 3 recurring walks on the days I go to school. One on Tues, One on Wed and One on Thurs at Noon. So far it’s been working out pretty good, minus a few hook ups with summer ending and trying to find walkers. But as long as Sera gets a walk I’m happy!


The Picture about is what a walker will send you when they finish the walk! Also through the walk you can gage their walking progress on the app. It’s pretty cool you can see where they walk via GPS, and you can see any photos, or videos the walker takes, and they will put pin points of Poo or Pee on the Map. Pretty neat?  I thought so!

Sera has been a Wag! Dog for almost a month now and she really enjoys her walks, and I am so glad I found Wag! To the point I decided I wanted to become a Wag! Walker, there was some issues with my SSN/Birthdate but once I clarified things I finally have been cleared to Walk Doggies! YAY!!!!!! I can meet all kinds of dogs on my days I’m not at school, and get paid to exercise, what’s not to like?

Have a Dog? need to Find a walker for when your not home! Please feel free to use my Promo Code for a Free 30 Minute Walk! See how you like it, and if you like it keep using the app and make your pup as happy as Sera and I are for joining the Wag! Team.

wag code

Even if I can’t be the one to walk your dog, because we live too far apart! You can still use my Promo Code as long as Wag! Services your area, and look out Wag! is spreading like Wildfire, so don’t count us out yet if we don’t cover your area quite yet! We will get there! As long as you share the word and get people interested in it. I’m sure it will explode more than Uber/Lyft.


Here’s a little more about me: I am a Student at IMS ~ Lombard Campus. I am Studying TV & Radio Broadcasting. I am a U.S. Army Veteran. My earlier childhood involved walking around the neighborhood greeting all the dogs, petting them and spoiling them rotten, then I would chit chat with their owners.  I’ve owned a dog on and off since 1997, I also sat, played, and unofficially trained dogs since then. I can’t wait to meet your companion and make a new friend. Please Let me walk your dog!



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