Month: September 2017


So this project I just had to share because I worked hard on it and I think that being seen can be put to good use. The Goal of this project was to convince the “Windy City Brewing Co” to purchase Commercial Air time on XRT using certain perimeters the


DSF Hangout in Secondlife has been re-branded. It’s new Name is CLUB DARKSTAR, not a huge change but just enough to not be a mouthful. I decided to make this change in hopes the name will bring in new people to our small community of friends that make up the

Modern Day Goth Bands

I know there are way more than what I am listing. But I’m only giving you a taste of the music to peak your interest. I’m starting off with one of my favorite’s and one of the first Goth bands I heard: London After Midnight. My Goth pallet only grew

WTBT THE VIBE [Marketing Project]

  The 30 Second Promo: The Radio Sweeper:  

Pastel Goth/Kawaii Goth

Pastel goth is all about mixing the pretty with the pretty tough. Soft shades + dark makeup = perfection. Your makeup should be dark. But there’s no reason the case can’t be covered in unicorns. But you can pair black liner and lipstick with a bunch of pastel shadows. And

The Working World Goth

Goths can have Day jobs that require a different taste in attire: Police Officer Postal Service/UPS Armed Forces Secretary Bank Employee Security Guard Government Worker Retail (Not everyone can work at Hot Topic) Maid Services Receptionist Doctor/Nurse/Veterinarian Hotel Employee Fast Food/Restaurant Movie Theater Casinos. Dog/Horse Races Office Worker Journalist News

Downfall: Transmission One: The Beginning

Downfall: Transmission One: The Beginning This is the first episode of the fictional, audio book podcast in a post apocalyptic world that I have started based on a story I originally created in 2010. I’ve decided to bring the story new life and make it a Podcast because I felt


The Dictionary Defines Steampunk as: a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. “if you like steampunk, this is a great book for you” a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired

My Very First Wag! Walk: 2 Shelties! OMG CUTENESS LEVEL 90000000000000000000+

As you all know Sera has been a WAG! Dog for a month now, and I have joined the walker team! I officially had my first walk and I wanted to show you the cuteeeeee babies I got to walk! I mean omg!!!! CUTE!!!!! My first walk was around Noon

WAG! The Uber App For Dog Walkers!

I should probably introduce you to my dog: Seraphim *Sera for short* She’s my baby and I had her since she was born August 22, 2013. She is unused to people besides myself, and she’s slowly getting used to other people. She prefers other females over males. a Year or

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