Hello my lovelies, I would really appreciate more people coming to my sets at Darkstarfire Hangout  in Secondlife or listening to them on Dark Star Radio. I know I have an audience that doesn’t really interact that is listening. But if you would like to interact or if you are willing to interact with me when I’m djing you have several options to choose from:

Come to Darkstarfire in SL.

Go to the Live Chat on the Station Website.

Hit me up on Twittter @jessikadarkstar

On Mondays at 6pm to 8pm PST (8pm to 10pm CST) I do a contest for people who are in Secondlife, you don’t have to wear anything special, you can even be a newb. Just come and join us at Darkstarfire, listen to me DJ and wear our VIP tag and you could win giftcards to my store Talaghan Seuta.


This pretty lady up front with Purple skin won the Giftcard this week! StormieDarkfire! Woo Congrats!


Here’s what you missed This Week’s Set, as far as the music goes:

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