UTO: Evolved to 1 Hour of Content.

My Show has finally been developed into a full “hour” of content. I am proud of myself. If you have any suggestions of what “Goth” topic I should discuss please feel free to leave comments on my post, or contact me on twitter/tumblr @jessikadarkstar. I would love some critical feedback and encouragement.

I feel like I’ve improved since the earlier episodes, but I also feel like I can improve my show even more. So please give me some feedback, advice, and or topics you wish for me to touch base with.

Below is my first two episodes that lasted almost/close to one hour:

Please feel free to give me advice, Goth Topics you wish for me to discuss or anything else you would like to say. I appreciate compliments and encouragement.

Also if you have someone you want to nominate as Birthday/Deathday Anniversary/Goth Icon of the Day feel free to let me know! I would love to get your input and collaborate your ideas.

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