As you all know I purchased some items from I actually made 2 orders. I have received my first order and still waiting on my second.

My First order consisted of:


The only negative comments I have for is their return policy and shipping time frame. 7-day easy return is not easy for me. First I ordered my item on 7/21/2017 and received it on 7/24/2017 and that totally wastes 3 of my days without me actually getting to know the item. Second, there was no return label in the box, so how is that easy return? If I’m paying 11 dollars for shipping I expect my package to be expedient, and a way easier way to return items should I guessed the sizing wrong on a particular item.

The website says be sure to check the size charts before buying an item, however I know my sizes. If they labeled the sizes wrong, or a particular item fits differently than I expected, why is it my fault? Why is it only a 7 day return? Even stores I can walk in to have a 30 day return policy, and electronic stores have 14 days. I feel like this store needs a major update on its policies.

I also believe that 3-10 Business days delivery time is ridiculous. I’m paying 11 dollars for normal shipping, why does it take you 10 days to gather my items? Why did I keep watching my order and it said it was processing since July 13th and it took til July 24th when I sent an inquiry note about my order for them to expedite the process of my shipment?

I realize I may be rambling about my difficulties, but this is what I have to deal with when I shop online. Goth cloths are hardly mainstream, and difficult to find in any run of the mill town. Most places I have to go are on ….the internet.

How long do you think is fair to wait for your items to be shipped, especially if shipping costs you 11 dollars or free if you spend over 150 dollars. Do you think 7 days is a long enough return policy? How do you feel about online shopping?

The Tarot Deck! I absolutely adore it. I love the artwork on the cards, I love how helpful the book is into deciphering the meaning of the cards. It’s just wonderful. I’ve owned only one other tarot deck, and I have to say I love the artwork on most Tarot decks, but Steampunk is something I always wanted to be part of…so even in this simple way, I feel like I’m being initiated into the steampunk world of Jules Vern.

Lip-gloss ~ what can I say about the lip-gloss? Well I recall ordering 1 color and I received 6 for the price of one. I don’t know if it was a mistake or they gifted me for my long wait. Either way I walked away with all the colors of that particular lip-gloss collection, I’m Sure. I am not much of a make-up girl anymore, but this is something I wanted to experiment with! So thanks I appreciate the extra colors!

Arm Warmers, I absolutely love all kinds of arm warmers, they are my favorite fashion accessory. I wear them with whatever and however I want. I’m not keen on showing my flesh, so if I wear a tank top or something of the like…I would usually wear arm warmers so I didn’t feel naked.

The Blue glass top however fit perfectly, and I love how it flows. Still not sure what I will wear the top with but I simply adore how it feels when I wear it. I’m considering getting more fashions by this designer just because of how it feels when I wear it. Good Goth gave me a post card about this particular designer: Dare to Wear, if you are like me and love comfortable but fashionable cloths I would look into buying direct from her.

The only item I misjudged my size on was the blue laced top! I didn’t realize how confining the top would be as I am usually XXL, or 2X (18). Yes it fits, but a bit too snug for my liking in some areas. I did not however return the item or order a bigger size as of yet.

Have an online shopping experience you want to share? Have a Goth Store you absolutely love or a horror story to tell about a store that ripped you off? Tell Me your stories by calling into the show I’m live or Hit me up on Twitter @jessikadarkstar. I promise I won’t bite.

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