Month: August 2017


I only ordered 2 things from Heavy Red mainly because they are a bit on the high end of pricey $$$$! I decided since I had bad luck with some 2X sizes I was jumping to 3X. Well it fits. A little on the bigger side (whoops at least its


Jayduh and I started a podcast on spreaker due to an assignment in web class, and then we were assigned to do another podcast for radio class. We are both students at IMS (Illinois Media School)  – The Lombard Campus, and we both have decided we wanted to continue this


10 DATE IDEAS FOR EVERYONE ICE CREAM   ARCADE Touring Your Own Home Town Play Dress up   Comic Con/Renfair Bowling   Local Band/Concert   Comedy Show   Amusement Park Make Your own Adventure Scavenger Hunt:   10 DATE IDEAS FOR GOTHS Explore a Cemetery Late Night Picnic under the


Hello my lovelies, I would really appreciate more people coming to my sets at Darkstarfire Hangout  in Secondlife or listening to them on Dark Star Radio. I know I have an audience that doesn’t really interact that is listening. But if you would like to interact or if you are


I do not know where the rumors of using a camera phone in selfie mode, while not looking directly at the sun has come from. But do not do it. If your camera doesn’t have a special lens it will not work, and it will warp your camera lens. Please

Alien Invasion ~ I.N.D.U.S.T.R.I.A.L.

Hey Guys! This will be the first time I’ll be talking to you about a game I’ve been actively Djing in since 2013, and been a fan of DJs within the game since 2008. This Game is called Secondlife. If you have never heard of it, or only heard negative

UTO: Evolved to 1 Hour of Content.

My Show has finally been developed into a full “hour” of content. I am proud of myself. If you have any suggestions of what “Goth” topic I should discuss please feel free to leave comments on my post, or contact me on twitter/tumblr @jessikadarkstar. I would love some critical feedback

Dig Deeper into the Victorian Goth

One of the biggest influences on Gothic fashion has been the imagery in Gothic literature and their movie counterparts. Especially that of Victorian writers such as Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelly, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wylde, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Victor Hugo, J. Sheridan Le Fanu, and many many more

The Telepath (Augmented) – VOICE OVER

This was a voice over I did a few years ago by myself. Yes, that means I did both the voices. 2 Characters. A Female Villain known as “The Telepath” and the man she captured aka her victim. I decided to take it into adobe audition, now that I know Review

As you all know I purchased some items from I actually made 2 orders. I have received my first order and still waiting on my second. My First order consisted of: The only negative comments I have for is their return policy and shipping time frame. 7-day easy

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